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Client Data Security

Our strict compliance policies on top of our state-of-the-art information security systems, allow us to maintain complete confidentiality of client data. We view the security and confidentiality of client information as our foremost priority. Hence, we have a dedicated team to establish information security objectives and monitor compliance. Our policies in place include the following:

Employee-Related Policies:

-          Mandatory signing of non-disclosure agreement, Code of Conduct and Fair IT Usage policy documents

-          Highly regulated personal trading compliance procedures

-          No access to external drives and public e-mail from work stations


Infrastructure Related Polices and Systems:

-          Foolproof IT architecture to enable high-security infrastructure along with a disaster recovery and business

           continuity plan

-          Secure information storage and flow based on client requirements

-          Complete information and physical monitoring systems

-          Frequent IT and information audits to adhere to policies and standards


We also seek regular inputs from Clients to further enhance our systems and standards.